Human Resources

Fact: Aligning Recruitment and HR processes contributes to your Employer Branding, which in turn makes it easier to attract the right candidates


Fact: A good Real Estate Policy contributes to employee satisfaction and retention


Fact: A good Workplace strategy directly contributes to higher productivity and performance. But ONLY when it fits your company culture.

What is workplace strategy?

  • It is not, just having some facilities for flexible working or trying to innovate with some of your benefits. It is also not, something where ownership only lies with one role or department. If you are done, you should have covered topics like Employment Branding, War for Talent, Onboarding, Employee Value Proposition, Retention, Hospitality, Workplace Innovation, Workplace Branding, Company identity. Too complex or no time? Already defining and taking action on quick wins will have major ROI. Do you want to know more? Curious what Green Grass can do for your organisation? Don't hesitate to contact me!

Examples what Green Grass can do for you

Optimize ROI on support headcount

Your organisation is just starting to be big enough to add one extra headcount for general support tasks. How do you make sure that this investment is well spend? What tasks give the most added value to the organisation? What processes, tools and targets need to be in place? What is the profile? Who will find and train this person to be up and running asap?


Improve performance

You have a small team of support staff that need to improve performance so the organisation can benefit more from this investment. Clearer collaboration, better defined tasks, more focus on what matters, transparant division of roles and responsibilities are needed. But you just do not have time to focus on your internal organisation and sending them on a training is not going to have the needed effect.


Employee satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction Survey results indicate the need for improvement. Line managers should keep focus on getting the job done. You need someone to take charge and focus on identified action points that are cross-departmental.


Move office

The organisation needs to move office. This is the right time to reconsider the workplace strategy. You need someone to investigate, identify, analyse, advise, help decide and execute.


Temporary leave

Your HR or Facility Manager is going on maternity leave. Fantastic news for her, not so great for the company. Not replacing her and dividing the tasks temporarily over other colleagues gives too much strain on them. You need someone that hits the ground running and makes sure all balls are up in the air until the return of your employee.

Workplace Strategy

You read a lot about this topic and you ask yourself questions like: Do I have that? Do I have some of it? Should I have it? What would fit my organisation? What would the benefits be? What are my costs?



Are we spending money on the right benefits? What could and should I change without adding costs?



Retention is an issue. Company culture and benefits are often mentioned as reasons to leave. You need an external party to investigate and advice to turn things around.

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  • What is Workplace Services?
    What is Workplace Services?

    It is often claimed that Workplace Strategy is realising an optimal work environment by facilities and HR. This is too narrow and this definition only facilitates larger companies that actually have a formal HR and/or Facilities departement or Manager. Since a large percentage of businesses are small and medium-sized, it insinuates that these companies can’t find any added value...

  • Why start Green Grass?
    Why start Green Grass?

    Having an idea and taking the decision are very different things (read: Dromen, Durven Doen – Ben Tiggelaar). After taking a conscious choice to move from a commercial position to managing service and hospitality in all it’s diversity, I have experienced similar things in a large variety of organisations. The importance for all employees and the task-diversity of support...

  • Thank you!
    Thank you!

    Time for a more personal note. As I already wrote in blog #2; having ideas is a world apart from actually taking a decision. The fact that I decided to take the leap from comfortable and challenging employment to a more volatile and hopefully rewarding self-employed status has everything to do with the people near to me. First of...